MBC’s corporate philosophy rests on two pillars: respect for human dignity and for the sanctity of life. MBC is on a mission to lead Korea into the digital age and to enrich the lives of the Korean people.
The following four principles serve as MBC’s guiding ideals:
I. Center for Korean Cultural Life
II. Independence and Impartiality in Broadcasting
III. Firm Cultural Identity amid Globalization
IV. Broadcasting for a Unified Korea

MBC strives to reciprocate viewers’s support via continuous dedication to this corporate philosophy and production of the highest quality programming.
Public Broadcasting
The Foundation for Broadcast Culture, which holds 70% of MBC shares, was created on December 31, 1988. The Foundation helped to free MBC from external constraints, thus resulting in greater independence of the Korean broadcasting industry.

The governing body of the Foundation consists of nine directors and an auditor who represent a wide range of fields in the Korean society. According to the Foundation for Broadcasting Culture Act, 15% of operating profit must be returned to the Foundation for public use. Moreover, Korean Broadcasting Law requires MBC to contribute 4.75% of total advertising revenue to the Broadcasting Development Fund operated by the Korean Broadcasting Commission, which undertakes broadcasting development tasks as well as arts and cultural projects.

Cultural Performance and Public Service Projects
MBC sponsors world-renowned performances such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Three Tenors (Carreras, Domingo and Pavarotti), the Bolshoi Ice Ballet, and musical AIDA. MBC also produces traditional Korean musicals, plays and children’s musicals to give wide cultural exposures to the general public. MBC aims to share culture and promote community service through events such as the Children’s Story Competition, the MBC Volunteer Competition, the University Singer and Songwriter Competition, the Korea Art Fair and 365 Days of Sharing.

MBC annually donates US$1.4 million to the Chung-Soo Scholarship Foundation which owns 30% of MBC shares and to this date has provided scholarship to

30,000 students. Since 1990, MBC’s public service project ‘New Life to Children’has given new life to 6,100 children who were suffering from heart disease by assisting in surgery costs. Currently, MBC is expanding its social responsibility with its Public Welfare Service Team