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Korea's No.1 Radio

MBC Radio has been the best radio station in Korea, providing the best content as a leader
in the new media age.Ever since its establishment in 1961,it's been recording a listener recording
of about 50% as the most popular radio station in Korea.

The Birth of MBC Radio.
The Beginning of MBC TV
  •  MBC Radio started broadcasting at 6:00am, December 2, 1961. ‘A Fun and Useful Program' as the goal
  •  61% Entertainment, 25% Culture, 11% News (at the time of opening)
  •  37.4% Entertainment, 45.1% Culture, 17.5% News (1980's)
  •  Broadcasted 20 hours a day in 1966, 22 hours in 1984, 24 hours in 1988
  •  MBC FM (91.9MHz) opened on September 19, 1971: Korea's first stereo music radio station
  •  MBC FM renamed to ‘FM4U’ by a viewer on Agust 25, 2001, after a naming contest.
Standard FM
  •  Opened MBC standard FM (95.9MHz) radio station on December 15, 1987: Drew more listeners with clearer stereo radio programs
  •  MBC radio online player Mini opened on February 20, 2006: Enabled real-time conversation with
Long Run MBC
Radio Programs
  • 1969~ Starry Night
    Starry Night
  • 1973~ Single Bungle Show
    Single Bungle Show
  • 1975~ Noon Hour Request Show
    Noon Hour Request Show
  • 1990~ Music Camp
    Music Camp
MBC Radio
Award Winners
Golden Mouth Show Hosts Who Have Served MBC for More Than 20 Years
  • Now’s the Radio Time
    2010 Choi Yu-ra
    Choi Yu-ra
  • Music Camp
    2010 Bae Chul-soo
    Bae Chul-soo
  • Starry Night
    2007 Lee Moon-sae
    Lee Moon-sae
  • Single Bungle Show
    2007 Kim Hye-yeong
    Kim Hye-yeong
  • Single Bungle Show
    2005 Kang Seok
    Kang Seok
  • Golden Disk
    1996 Kim Gi-deok
    Kim Gi-deok
  • Night Disk Show
    1996 Late Lee Jong-hwan
    Late Lee Jong-hwan
Bronze Mouth Show Hosts Who Have Served MBC for More Than 10 Years
  • Fun Radio
    2013 Choi Yang-rak
    Choi Yang-rak
  • Women’s Generation
    2009 Yang Hui-eun
    Yang Hui-eun
  • Hurray 2PM
    2009 Noh Sa-yeon
    Noh Sa-yeon
  • Look
    2008 Shon Seok-hui
    Shon Seok-hui