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For the past 50 years, MBC News has been serving as Koreans' eyes and ears by delivering the fastest, fairest and
the most accurate information to Koreans all over the country.
MBC News now has 16 local news bureaus and 8 overseas news bureaus,
with which it signed a news supply contract with CNN, APTN, NBC and Reuters TV so it can bring up to date news to viewers.
MBC currently offers a wide variety of in-depth analysis programs on politics, economy, society and culture
through Current Affairs Magazine 2580, 100 Minute Debate, Economy Magazine M, and Unification Observatory
MBC News is the most reliable source of information for anyone in the country.


Programs when the TV station first opened

(November 1969)
Programs when the TV station first opened
Program Time
MBC News & Weather Sun 22:10-22:30
MBC News Sun 18:45-19:00
Camera Report Mon/Wed 19:00-19:10
World News Mon-Sat 19:55-20:00
The World Today Sun 08:15-08:35

TV Programs in 2015

(as of April 2015)
TV Programs in 2013
Program Time
News Desk Mon-Fri 19:55-20:55
Sat/Sun 19:55-20:45
News Today Mon-Fri 06:00-07:50
Sat 06:00-07:30
News 24 Mon-Fri 24:35
MBC News Mon-Fri 05:00-05:10
09:30 ~ 09:45
12:00 ~ 12:20
15:00 ~ 15:10
Evening News Mon-Fri 17:00-18:20
Current Affairs Magazine 2580 Sun 23:15-24:05
100 Minute Debate Tue 12:20-25:50
MBC World Report Sat 7:30-08:00
Economy Magazine M Sat 08:00-08:45
Unification Observatory Tue 15:40 ~ 16:25

MBC Exclusive Best 10

  • 1969A Constitutional Amendment
    on Third Presidential Term
    September 14, 1969. Dawn. A Constitutional Amendment on Third Presidential Term. At the National Assembly of South Korea, the speaker said: "I hereby announce that the bill has been passed as more than two-third (of the Members of the National Assembly) have agreed." MBC News broadcasted this historical moment to the people which led to the public opposition.
  • 1974First Lady Yuk Young-soo
    Shot and Killed
    South Korea's First Lady Yuk Young-soo was shot and killed at the Korean Independence Day Ceremony held on August 15, 1974, and a MBC photographer caught the scene with a 2,000mm zoom lens camera. At the time, MBC was the only news media to release a slow motion video of the scene of the shooting including even the time code. MBC won the Korea Broadcast Award for using the low motion techniques.
  • 1977Gunpowder Freight Train
    Explosion at Iri Station
    A freight train carrying gunpowder explodes at Iri Station, Jeollabuk-do in 1977, killing thousands. MBC news staff were the first to have an exclusive interview with one of the train crew who was on the run, and reported that a candlelight ignited the explosion.
  • 1983Aung San Terrorist Bombing
    Aung San terrorist bombing during ex-President Chun Doo-hwan's visit to Burma in 1983. The MBC news crew didn't let go of their camera even during the bomb explosion, taking in the heat of the moment.
  • 1988Ji Kang-hun's Prison Break
    The story of a prison escapee named Ji Kang-hun, with his famous saying "If you have money, not guilty. If you don't have money, guilty." People were shocked, nervous, worried, and sorry to see the man in a police standoff, with a pistol in his hand.
  • 1989Former President
    ChunDoo-hwan Retires
    Former President Chun Doo-hwan Retires (1989) As the only news media that managed to take a video of former President Chun Doo-hwan retiring at Baekdamsa Temple in 1989,MBC showed its persistance to the Korean audience.
  • 1990The Merger of Three
    Political Parties
    MBC News was the first to report the controversial merger of three political parties in 1990 that gave birth to the largest ruling party ever.
  • 1992The National Forensic
    Science Suspected of
    Providing False
    Analysis Report
    The National Forensic Science was suspected of providing false forensic analysis report in 1992. In a confident voice, news reporter Hong Sun-gwan reported, "My source (at the National Forensic Service) told me all the details of the bribery including the amount." It took him six months to find out and report that there is a possibility that the evidence for the criminal case on Kang Gi-hun's writing a will for someone who burnt himself to death was falsed. He demonstrated the true meaning of an in depth report.
  • 2005Oil Gate
    An exclusive news on corrupt Daejeon prosecutors in 1999. In 2005, there was the Oil Gate scandal as well as the 'NSP (Samsung) X-File' case that shocked South Korea. The case showed the corrupt relationship between the power elites and money. Reported by journalist Lee Sang-ho, the exclusive news started the controversy over the freedom of the mass media, process of their obtaining information and disclosure of such information.
  • 2009Malfeasance in Court
    Ruling on Candlelight Vigil
    In 2009, MBC reported the alleged malfeasance of Supreme Court Justice Shin Young-chul in a court's ruling on a candlelight vigil, and won the Korea Journalist Award. The anchorman began by saying: "The courthouse story we're about to report is something you don't get to know outside of the courthouse."
Former News Desk Anchormen
Former News Desk Anchormen