Fun, Excitement and Non-Stop Challenges

MBC has been playing its role as a member of the society by providing entertainment programs
for fun and the public good.

MBC's main reality program Infinite Challenge has established the reputation as a cultural icon
after having recorded highratings for 3 consecutive years.

Born from different ideas, MBC variety shows are unlike any other, and it's creating a sensation in the society.

History of TV Shows : Timeline 1969-2005
  • TV Launching Anniversary Special Show; (August 8, 1969)
    the beginning of MBC entertainment shows
  • Laugh, Be Lucky (1969) the most well-known comedy show in South Korea
Laugh, Be Lucky   Laugh, Be Lucky (1969)
MBC Comedy in the 1980's
Talk comedy by Seo Se-won, Ju Byeong-jin and Lee Kyeong-kyu.
Vocal mimicry by Choi Byeong-seo and vogue words by Kim Bo-hwa' at the heart of "talk comedy".
  • Big March of Sunday Night (1981) the birth of satirical comedy
  • Laughing Show (1981) the popularity of hamburger and upheaval
  • Hurray for Youth (1984) a very popular gag comedy program
  • Saturday Night Show (1985) the most well-known variety show
  • Sunday Night Show (1988) the new start of Big March of Sunday Night / MBC's representative entertainment program of today.
Big March of Sunday Night  Big March of Sunday Night (1981) Laughing Show  Laughing Show (1981) Saturday Night Show  Saturday Night Show (1985) Sunday Night Show  Sunday Night Show (1988) MBC Sunday Night Show  MBC Sunday Night Show (1988)
MBC Comedy in the 1990's
  • Laugh, Be Lucky (1992) Traditional comedy programs are back
  • Today is a Good Day (1992) A new comic variety show, 'My Mom' and 'Hurricane Blue'
  • Theme Game (1995) Korea's first dramatized comedy program
  • Sunday Night Show ‘TV Life Theater’
    The appearance of a campaign comedy Here Comes Lee Kyeong-kyu
    The 21st Century Committee-Let's Praise
  • Guys'n Girls (1996) Korea's first sitcom for young adults
  • Comedy Center (1999) With the quality as high as 'Open Comedy'
Today is a Good Day  Today is a Good Day (1982) Today is a Good Day  Today is a Good Day (1992) -'Hurricane Blue' Today is a Good Day  Today is a Good Day - Sonagi Guys'n Girls  Guys'n Girls (1996) Comedy Center  Comedy Center (1999)
MBC Comedy in the 2000's
Traditional Comedy
  • Comedy House (2000) - 'No Brain Survival'
  • Comedy.com (2001) - 'Finger Flick Go Stones'
  • Gag Hunting (2005) - 'Having Fun in the 21st Century'
  • Gag Night (2006) - 'Juyeon' 'Madam'

  • Three Friends (2000) Korea's first adult sitcom
  • New Nonstop (2000) the resurrection of MBC sitcom
  • Hello, Francesca (2005) family horror sitcom with many fervent fans
  • High Kick (2006) a very popular family romantic comedy sitcom
  • High Kick Through the Roof (2009) a sensational sitcom with a viewer rating of over 20%.
Three Friends  Three Friends (2000) New Nonstop  New Nonstop (2000) Hello, Francesca  Hello, Francesca (2005) High Kick  High Kick (2006) High Kick Through the Roof  High Kick Through the Roof (2009)
  • Come to Play (2004) the most popular talk show in Korea
  • Golden Fishery (2006) ‘Knee-Drop Guru’ ‘Radio Star’
  • World Changing Quiz Show a quiz and talk show.
    Popular among women and middle-aged people who are also the groups who enjoys watching TV the most.
Come to Play  Come to Play (2004) Golden Fishery  Golden Fishery (2006) World Changing Quiz Show  World Changing Quiz Show (2008)
  • Achievable Saturday (2000) ‘god’s Babysit Diary’ ‘Star Survival Live and Fun Together’ and ‘Kang Ho-dong's Soul Mates’
  • ! Exclamation Mark (2001) the most well-known public variety show in South Korea
  • MBC Sunday Night Show ‘I Am a Singer’ ‘Where are You Going, Dad?’ ‘Real Men’
  • Impossible?! Possible! The Unlimited Challenge! (2005) The program is known as
    the most sensational TV show in the history of the Korean entertainment industry.
‘god’s Babysit Diary’  Achievable Saturday (2000) - ‘god’s Babysit Diary’ ! Exclamation Mark  ! Exclamation Mark (2001) ‘I Am a Singer’   MBC Sunday Night Show -
‘I Am a Singer’
Infinite Challenge  Infinite Challenge (2005)