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With Critical Views on our Society

PD Note began in 1990 as 'an honest witness of our age', marking the beginning of PD journalism in Korea.
PD Note set a good example of criticism and scrutiny by the news media, by covering the story of
Hwang Woo-suk and the stem cell swindle in 2005.

MBC Documentary produced a number of social issue programs such as Human Era and Human Documentary
Love by listening to the underprivileged and ordinary people with an open heart.
Its environmental documentaries like Tears of the Amazon, Tears of the Arctic and Tears of the Antarctic
were recognized for their quality in the international world.

MBC's current affairs and documentary programs won various awards at the New York TV & Film Festival,
Banff World Media Festival, ABU Prize, Earth Vision, Asia TV Awards, and Japan Wildlife Festival.

History of Current Affairs and Documentaries
  • The Emergence of Life Information Programs (opened in 1969)
  • Im Taek-geun’s Morning Show (1969) Korea's first personality show
  • Janghak Quiz (1973) a quiz program for high school students
Im Taek-geun’s Morning Show  Im Taek-geun’s Morning Show(1969)
  • Popopo (1981) Korea's most popular children's educational program
  • Cha In-tae’s New Morning (1984) the introduction of morning life information program
  • Four Seasons of Wildflowers in Korea (1984) the beginning of nature documentary series in Korea.
  • Human Era (1985) a model for human documentary
  • Origin of Masterpieces (1985) the planning of a culture and art document series
  • Mother’s Song (1989) the beginning of a program on history and criticism
Popopo  Popopo (1981) Cha In-tae’s New Morning   Cha In-tae’s New Morning (1984) Four Seasons of Mt. Jiri  Four Seasons of Mt. Jiri (1986) Origin of Masterpieces  Origin of Masterpieces (1985) Mother’s Song  Mother’s Song (1989)
  • PD Note (1990) PD, synonymous to PD journalism
  • Police People (1993) the introduction of infotainment with scene reproduction techniques
  • Life in the Tidal Flat (1994) the Korea Broadcasting Award and ABU Award winner
  • 10AM Im Seong-hun Show (1996) a morning talk show
  • Treasure Island (1996) MBC's first long-term project
  • I Can Tell Now (1999) a testimony documentary
  • MBC Special (1999) a classic documentary reflecting the spirit of the times
PD Note   PD Note (1990) Police People  Police People (1993) Life in the Tidal Flat  Life in the Tidal Flat (1994) 10AM Im Seong-hun Show  10AM Im Seong-hun Show (1996) Treasure Island   Treasure Island (1996) I Can Tell Now   I Can Tell Now (1999) MBC Special   MBC Special (1999)
  • The Incredible World (2000) an infotainment culture show
  • Yellow Sand (2002) Glacier (2004) the environmental documentaries
  • W (2005) Korea's first international affairs program
  • Zero Complaints (2006) the consumer rights
  • Doctors (2006) a new breed of medical documentary
  • PD Note (2005) The myth of Hwang Woo-suk and the ovum scandal
  • Human Documentary Love (2006)
  • The Yellow River (2007) the 15th anniversary of the treaty of friendship between Korea and China
  • Land of Dinosaurs (2009) high-tech computer graphic reconstruction
  • Tears of the Arctic (2008) Tears of the Amazon (2009) Tears in the Africa (2010) Tears of the Antarctic (2011)
W  W (2005) Human Documentary Love   Human Documentary Love (2006) Tears of the Arctic   Tears of the Arctic (2008) Tears of the Amazon   Tears of the Amazon (2009) Tears in the Africa   Tears in the Africa (2010) Tears of the Antarctic   Tears of the Antarctic (2011)