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Content-Oriented Global Media Group
Be Content-Oriented
  • Develop Manpower and Infrastructure Capable of Creating Best Content
  • Establish Content-Oriented Organization and System
    Enhance Global Competitiveness
  • Build a One-Source, Multi-Use Distribution Channel
Be a True Global Media Group
  • Build a Media Portfolio Suitable for a Global Media Group
  • Provide Content on a Platform where MBC Content can be viewed anytime, anywhere
  • Distribute MBC Content in the Global Markets beyond Asia
Core Strategies for the Vision
  • 1Strengthen Brand Power

  • 2Strengthen Global Competitiveness

  • 3Provide Viewer-Oriented Services


Management Concepts are
'Freedom', 'Responsibility', 'Integrity' and 'Unity'.
  • [Freedom] Protect the freedom to seek and deliver the truth.
  • [Responsibility] Have a sense of responsibility as an individual and a member of the society.
  • [Integrity] Have integrity and be consistent with the social norms.
  • [Unity] Play a leading role in uniting the nation and improving the national power.


Broadcasting Code
  • 1We hereby announce that we will contribute to the benefit of the society and protection of people's rights, by creating a healthy and honest environment as a reliable public broadcaster that understands the company actually belongs to the people.
  • 2We will respect the rights of the people and protect social justice and democratic order, and reflect the opinions of different social strata to ensure fairness in broadcasting.
  • 3We will contribute to the peaceful unification of the nation through talks and cooperation between North Korea and South Korea.
  • 4We will try to avoid social conflicts and group egoism, protect underprivileged people and promote harmony between different social strata.
  • 5As an independent entity, we will foster a broadcasting environment that welcomes public participation in the creation, broadcasting, and production of programs to protect the right of the people to know.
  • 6We hereby announce that we will act with a high sense of work ethics as experts that contribute to the society and culture with fast, accurate news reports and high quality programs.


Corporate Song

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  • Part 1MBC lights up the society by delivering fast and useful media services,
    correcting today's history with a global network.
  • Part 2MBC gathers the opinions of the people in general to create a brighter future,
    which is a wise move to become a leading content provider.
  • Part 3MBC is an echo of light, proud to plant a happy dream everyday for a better

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