History of Digital Age

2001~ resentMultimedia and multichannel services were launched in the 1990's, but the multimedia age began in the 2000's after they were combined with the internet based on the advanced information technology. The convergence of telecommunications and broadcasting marked the advent of the digital age. At the beginning of the digital age, MBC began providing cable, satellite and new-concept DMB TV services while also developing high-tech broadcasting technology, facilities and equipment. MBC has also successfully tapped into the global market with outstanding content, and is now earning the reputation as an all round player in the global media industry.

History of the Digital Age
  • 2014 News program first transmitted from new headquarters in Sangam
    The new era of Sangam HQ declared (before the completion of the HQ buildings)
  • 2013 Advent of the Digital Media Age
    24-hour TV broadcasting started
  • 2012 Weekday main news program “MBC Newsdesk” moved from 9 pm to 8 pm
  • 2011 Established MBC Nanum
    50th Anniversary of Foundation
    Established MBC C&I
    OTT broadcasting service “pooq” launched
    MBC Sharing Love
  • 2010 Started the construction of a new company building in Sangam-dong
    Established Seoul Gyeongin Bureau
    40th Anniversary of MBC News Desk
    Sangam new building Aerial View of the New MBC Building in Sangam-dong
  • 2009 Opened MBC Life (Life & Culture Documentary)
  • 2008 Established MBC PlayBe
    Hosted the International Women's Forum
    Real-time transmission to IPTV started
  • 2007 Built MBC Dream Center (Digital Production Center)
    WA Studio at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan WA Studio at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan
  • 2006 Launched Mini (Internet radio broadcasting services)
    Established MBC Every 1 (variety cable channel)
  • 2005 Launched satellite and terrestrial DMB services
  • 2004 Opened Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace) Theme Park
    Program export surpassed 15 million dollars
    Jewel In the Palace Theme Park Jewel In the Palace Theme Park
  • 2002 Established MBC Movies Channel
    The Committee for Viewers’ Sovereignty launched
  • 2001 Launch of Cable Services (MBC Plus, MBC-ESPN, DramaNet, Game)
    Digital Test Broadcasting (HDTV)
    “FM4U” is selected as the winner at the MBC-FM Nickname Contest
    Insides of the HD OB Van Insides of the HD OB Van