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A content-oriented global media group

is the future of MBC.
  • Hello! I'm Kim Jong-guk, CEO of MBC.

    MBC had a humble beginning as a radio station, which opened on December 2, 1961. Today, it's now a general media group with 10 subsidiaries and a nationwide network with 18 regional stations. As a public broadcasting company that plays a pivotal role in the production of information and cultural content, MBC has been a popular TV channel for more than half a century. It's now also a global content provider that introduces Korean culture to the rest of the world.

    MBC will continue its growth momentum by creating the best content and generating high profits.
    MBC will not profit from cheap and low quality content, but from quality and competitive content that the people of the global village love.

    Aside from this, as a public broadcasting company, MBC will fulfill its social responsibilities.
    MBC will play the role of a messenger of hope for the underprivileged and poor through MBC Nanum, the social enterprise founded by MBC in 2011.

    MBC will become a fairer and more reliable broadcasting service provider by making sure that news and current affairs programs are based on accuracy, objective facts, balance and impartiality by reflecting different opinions of others.

    Rapid changes in the broadcasting environment resulted in the creation of a new era of competition. Armed with a pioneering spirit, MBC plans to take a step further into the world of global media. MBC will continue to develop new program formats targeted at the new media and the global market from the production stage, strengthen win-win relationships with overseas broadcasting companies and improve competitiveness through the production of content customized for the global market and capital tie-up.

    Dear viewers!
    We at MBC will make all-out effort to make ourselves a content-oriented global media group through continuous innovation. Your support and comments will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • Munhwa Broadcasting CEO Kim Jong-guk